I’ll Take Quality Friends Over A Large Quantity Of Friends Any Day

My New Years resolution last year was to be more social and make more friends. I wanted to go out to more events and get better at hanging out in big group situations. Let’s just say I did not become the social butterfly I wanted to be in 2017. However, I don’t think that’s a bad thing because throughout the year I really learned the importance of quality over quantity of friends.

I may not be the girl that goes to every frat party, school sporting event, or ladies night at the bar. However, I am the girl who has genuinely authentic friends who I have fun with. While the number of friends I have didn’t drastically increase over the past year, I think that the friendships that I already had at the beginning of the year have blossomed and I also spent time catching up with friends I lost touch with.

I realized that investing in the friendships I already had was even more rewarding than making 50 new acquaintances partying.

I was able to reunite with my high school best friends over the summer and that was amazing. In fact, I hung out with one of my very best friends from my hometown that I hadn’t even seen in two years and I instantly remembered why we were so close growing up and why we had sleepovers every Friday night in middle school.

There are some friends that I can’t see in person anymore because they moved very far away, but the super long distance friendships I have are some of the most precious ones. I think they’re so special because they are built solely on communication.

Just last week I spent 2 hours on the phone with another good friend from high school whose family moved to CA and it was just so amazing to catch up. While I don’t get to go out with these long-distance friends, I feel like we can still tell each other anything.

My 2017 resolution was all wrong. Life’s not about making tons of friends, it should be about cherishing the friends you already have. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should never make new friends because you definitely should. I just mean that you should not focus on making surface-level connections with as many people as possible because having a few true friends is so much better than having a million people to have fun with.

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