7 Books You Need To Read This Summer

This week, I'm really excited to tell you guys about some of my favorite books. In 2018, I read over 30 different novels, and I decided to narrow it down and show you all some of my favorites. Here is my spring/summer reading list comprised of the perfect beach reads. Quick disclaimer: they're not ranked in any particular order.

When God Says ‘Wait’

I often get in the habit of praying for God to do specific things in my life. I find myself asking for favors or praying He’ll grant my wishes. To be honest, it wasn’t until about six months ago that I finally stopped trying to control every little thing in my life and asked God to steer.

What No One Ever Tells You About Walking Away From A Friendship

You'd be surprised how lonely you can feel when you're surrounded by the people who know you the best. This is how I feel right now. I've always enjoyed being on my own, but I am painfully aware of the consequences of being a non-confrontational introvert in college. Instead of starting a fight and getting into drama, I have no problem with simply walking away from it all. It's cleaner that way... or so I thought.